Stress Relief Treatment Oil 100ml

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Stress Relief Treatment Oil 100ml
A special blend of mind soothing and muscle-relaxing lavender, sandalwood and orange essential oils.

A combination of water soluble apricot kernel oil and organic silicones gently soften and moisturise the skin, diminishing fine lines and smoothing skins texture. 

Stress Relief treatment oil is an aromatic body oil for massage, bath therapy, and deluxe skin conditioning.

Suits all skin conditions.


Blends perfectly with Body Hydratng Cream and UltraRich Body Cream to intensify hydration and enhance aromatherapeutic benefits.
Leaves skin velvet-soft and smooth.
Concentrated purifying essential oils enhance muscle relaxation and stress reduction while stimulating the senses.
Multi-functional oil may be used as a stress relieving scalp treatments, for body massage or added to the bath.

How to Use

For massage and scalp treatments pump a small amount onto palm of hand and massage onto the body or scalp. For an aromatherapy bath add 4-8 pumps into the bath. To intensify Body Hydrating Cream or UltraRich Body Cream and one pump to the cream. Blend and apply in smooth upward strokes.

Key Ingredients

Sandalwood, lavender, orange, patchouli and clay sage: soothing essential oils that soften skin and calm the senses.

Silicones: melt gently into skin to help diminish fine lines and smooth skin texture.

Tea tree, lemon and ylang ylang: natural purifying extracts help ease the body into deep relaxation for the ultimate stress relief treatment

Apricot Kernel: water-soluble, helps soften and moisturise skin.