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Meet Dermalogica  Kit
Experience your best skin ever or introduce someone to their best skin ever with this travel-friendly collection of dermalogica's most favourite and popular products.

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Daily Glow Duo - Limited Edition Gift Set

If skin had one wish, it would be to feel cleaner and brighter everyday. These best-selling Dermalogica products are guaranteed to grant that wish.

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The Ultimate Cleanse & Glow Trio - Limited Edition

Power cleanse to achieve radiant skin! This must have product trio deep cleans and exfoliates for super glowy skin.

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Skin Smooth Favorites - Limited Edition Gift Set

Super smooth skin starts here! This set cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates, resulting in glowing skin in a flash.

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PowerBright TRx Kit

This convenient travel-sized kit features all three PowerBright TRx™ treatment formulas, designed to help control and prevent factors that contribute to uneven skin tone.

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AGE Smart - Starter KitContains a full month's regime you can use every day for firmer, smoother, healthier skin. It works by targeting the main biochemical reactions that reveal signs of facial ageing.