Exfoliating Face Brush

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Exfoliating Face Brush

This ultra-gentle brush suits all skin conditions and works with your prescribed Dermalogica Cleanser or Clean Bar to gently exfoliate dulling surface debris and impurities for effective cleansing.


Suits all skin conditions.
Enhances the action of the Dermalogica cleansers.
Gently exfoliates to remove dulling debris.
Useful as preparation for men prior to shaving, lifting hairs for a closer, ingrown-free shave.

How to Use

Wet The Face Brush, apply a pea-sized amount of the appropriate Dermalogica cleanser to the skin using a circular motion, gently massage the brush over the entire face then rinse brush well in tepid water and allow to dry.

Key Ingredients

Hygienic, quick-drying nylon bristles.

Comes packaged in convenient travel case.