Daily Superfoliant 57g

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Daily Superfoliant 57g

Daily Superfoliant is a unique superfine powder that targets pollutants on ageing skin. Superfoliant will leave your skin feeling smoother, healthier and firmer.


Safe to use whilst pregnant 
Helps detoxify pores and absorbs environmental pollutions. 
Fights pollution triggers that lead to premature skin ageing.

How to Use

After Double Cleansing with prescribed Dermalogica cleansers, dispense approximately a half-teaspoon of Daily Superfoliant into wet hands and create a creamy paste by rubbing hands together.

Apply to face in circular motions, avoiding the eyes and lips, massage gently for one to two minutes then use a warm steam towel or damp sponges may be used to ensure thorough removal of product.

Key Ingredients

Activated Binchotan Charcoal purifies the skin helping to absorb the enviornmental toxins from deep within the pores.

Niacinamide, Red Algae and Tara Fruit Extract help guard against the damaging effects of pollution.