Travel Sizes

11.00 GBP
Precleanse - Travel Size (30ml)

This lightweight cleansing oil dissolves oil based debris and make-up from the skins surface, without leaving any greasy residue. Follow with prescribed Dermalogica Cleanser for a double cleansing.

11.50 GBP
(-4.35%) 11.00 GBP
Precleanse Balm 15ml

This balm-to-oil version of our top-selling oil cleanser Precleanse de-constructs layers of excess sebum (oil), waterproof make-up, environmental pollutants and residual product build up.

Ideal for all sin conditions, especially dry dehydrated.

10.50 GBP
Dermal Clay Cleanser - Travel Size  (50ml)

Suitable for skin with excess oil production, water soluble Bentonite and Kaolin clays combine with purifying botanical extracts and refreshing Menthol to remove excess oils and refine skin's texture.

11.00 GBP
Special Cleansing Gel - Travel Sizes (50ml)This soap free concentrated cleansing gel designed to remove impurities without removing the skin's natural moisture balance.
11.00 GBP
(-4.55%) 10.50 GBP
Multi Active Toner - Travel Size (50ml)An ultra-light facial spritz that refreshes and hydrates the skin while smoothing the surface. Helps condition skin to prepare for proper moisture absorption.
13.50 GBP
(-7.41%) 12.50 GBP
Daily Microfoliant - Travel Size 13g

Daily Microfoliant is a unique, rice based enzyme powder that microfoliates dulling debris and instantly leaves the skin noticeably smoother and brighter. Good for all skin conditions.